Across the Usa - sorta

July 7, 2009 Artical by Josh South

Last week I took a nice drive from Illinois to California. This was only my 2nd time to experience this wonderful journey. It all started in chicago. Immediately I grabbed a chicago dog and began to enjoy this great place. My favorite discovery was batter fried baCon! This was a heart attack waiting to happen, but totally worth it. Thanks to Kehoe, Silas, and Yuri for the hospitality along the way. Ps--> check out Kehoe's new hair style, its fantastic.

Enjoy these ever so random images from this very enjoyable trip.

My primary stops along the way:

  • Chicago, iL
  • Carmi, iL
  • Evansville, In
  • St Louis
  • Denver
  • Reno
  • Arcata
  • Eurieka
  • San Francisco
batter fried bacon and Stella nike premier chicago pimpin aint easy silas and icp carmi, Illinois lost in wyoming, but pretty 6:00 AM and driving, but sorta got a glimpse of this beautiful sight. Mathew Kehoe


Killahoe looks like a skin

Killahoe looks like a skin now, fucking sketchy

kehoe looks like butch in

kehoe looks like butch in pulp fiction only on meth...super sketch.

Josh, just found your pics

Josh, just found your pics on here. Amazing, but so sorry you didn't have time to come by and have dinner with us. You must know you will always be special to us, so, please don't come so near again and not stop by.

Still love ya', Aunt Peg

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