Ofad Blogs May, 2009

lost in the desert

Roaming the desert

I recently took a walk in the desert, it was very refreshing.

Shirts with Shane & Nicole

"When someone calls and asks me about printing shirts I'm always down."

The new photographer

"Car photos are C.A.D. tricks".

Balboa Fun Zone, a lapse in time

A small blip of nostalgia lapse in time...

A Balboa Beach Mother's day

A Balboa Beach Mother's Day

My girlfriend Michelle's mother and sister came through for a few days of fun and...

Shane Mesquit stops by the studio

"Shane is one of those "happy people" in the sense that he is always grinning and laughing."

A Tortoise fan

I have been a Tortoise fan for a long time and was stoked to come across this video and wanted to share it.

Dos Wolf, Sharpie expert

A recent treat from Ofad member Dos Wolf

Stephan Wold gives us a glimpse into what it means to own a Sharpie...

Random history of photos

Random history of photos

Going through my computer I found a folder of greatest hits, photos that have...

Rel1ish at the pepper eating contest

The anatomy of a Soletech parking lot party

It's Cinco de Mayo at 4:00 in the afternoon in a hot parking lot...