Photo Journal


Southeastern Storm Season

Two weeks ago a record number of tornadoes touched ground in North Carolina leaving nothing but devastation.


Somewhat recent and somewhat random photos of the recent random

This group of photos is mostly an assortment of random images taken in 2010, no real thread tying them together just random.



A little Chris Wells, Chinese food, coffee & custom frame building with Jeremy SyCip is good way to spend a rainy afternoon in Santa Rosa.


Stay On The Path

A few months ago I embarked on a hike into the jungles of Los Angeles. Yes, this is in LA, believe it or not. I am looking forward to many more hike club adventures.


Getting lost in the desert: two occasions of fun with the sun

When live in Southern California some times you have to venture into the desert for one reason or another...


Subject: Wisconsin Fall

A recent email from Das Wolf in regards to traveling back to the Midwest in autumn and watching the Wisconsin countryside fall by...


East Coast Mancation

A trip to the east coast type situation...



A collection of cell phone generated animations while hanging out with my 5 year old nephew Bradley...

South by Southwest is the best

Some snap shots while in Austin for a week for SXSW. In not a very specific order because the week was kinda a blur...

Random rainy day at the Long Beach Flea Market

Random rainy day at the Long Beach Flea Market

A walk through the Long Beach antique Flea Market...