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YDM, it's official the movement has begun

Today March 23, 2011 the world has changed... Today YDM Label - Young Dinosaur Movement officially add their presence to the interweb, Rock N' Roll may never be the same.



A little Chris Wells, Chinese food, coffee & custom frame building with Jeremy SyCip is good way to spend a rainy afternoon in Santa Rosa.


Around The House: take stock of your environment

Items that exist in my existence in my house that is an our house that is occupied by my wife and I. The home of The New Rusczyks looks something like this.

Tomasz Panczyk email subject Surprise

Tomasz PaƄczyk email, subject: Surprise

An email regarding the holly nature of the Ruszczyk's in accordance to a small village in Poland.

Random rainy day at the Long Beach Flea Market

Random rainy day at the Long Beach Flea Market

A walk through the Long Beach antique Flea Market...

checkout on Luce Goods

The little checkout on Luce Goods

Friends are important with out them life could be a very boring place. This is a little expose on ofad friend and contributer Miss Lucie White and her bag company Luce goods.

Mr Grizzly Anderson exposed

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aren Grizzly Anderson in a job interview a few months back. It's not too often that meet a real-life Asian cowboy but...

A Tortoise fan

I have been a Tortoise fan for a long time and was stoked to come across this video and wanted to share it.

Concealed rubber band gun

Three-shot, semi-automatic rubber band gun.