About Radio Ofad

Mixtapes and traded sounds played a big role in our lives and I'm sure yours. Radio Ofad is our chance to give back and make things heard.

We are here for you to be hear now, Radio Ofad.

Radio Ofad

Dae Yung

One for the road... It's been a long time sience aything has gone up, This one was for Wade it is now for Matt.

4 2 0

DJ Max Wordlow pushes play on his record player

this is a REMIX 7

DJ Max Wordlow & tuxedo rap & me & u

Max Wordlow plays rare groove

Rare Groove , the second installment...

Mega Mix

DJ Max wordlow plays some of his favorite cut & paste / mega mix / scratch tracks

these are the breaks

Too $hort and Donny Hathaway talk about the ghetto

Another one from the archive

DJ Max Wordlow pulls a mix from the vaults he put together in 2007

Max Wordlow plays rare groove

more funk & soul selected by DJ Max Wordlow

Max Wordlow is back in town

DJ Max Wordlow's newest funk 45 mix... LISTEN UP!