The Ofad is comprised of friends and family of some sort of united something or other. The idea is simple, pass it on, continue to check back, and eventually we will know what we are talking about. The Ofad is here to help, here to produce, we are here because you are not here and we care to be here instead of there (we think?).
- This is Ofad.

Ofad Members


Ofad Collective

"We aren't here so you don't have to be, we are Ofad"


Eddie James VanSlambrouck

"a family man can because he mixes it with love"

Layne Hutchison

"No Vibe Killers In 2011"


Matt Wadlow

turn it up!

Mike Rusczyk

Mike Rusczyk

"I placed my hands upon the plans, I waited for a proud display"