Now hitched two become one Brewer

Posted June 14, 2010 Photos: Mike Rusczyk Photo of the moment »

Chloe Bowers Liebert and Matt Brewer have been an interesting part of my life ever since I first moved to California. I first meet Chloe when I got a job selling coffee to hippies in the town of Sebastopol California. We both were working at The Grateful Bagel which was owned by a very peculiar Jewish couple that did not seem to be hippies.

Flash forward nine years to my first job as web nerd, I was working for an outdoor store running their web site and trying to play pro skateboarder on the weekends. This is where I meet Matt Brewer and started drinking more then I should. Over the years I've spent a great deal of time drinking coffee and beer with both Matt Brewer and Chloe Bowers and here to say that it's awesome that they decided to get married.

Congratulations guys,

- Mike


The Brewers!!! Wow!! you

The Brewers!!! Wow!! you guys are beautiful!

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