Photos of Europe from a busted leg

Posted June 13, 2010 Photos: Mike Rusczyk Photo of the moment »

I was about twenty two when I first starting going over to Europe on skate trips. At the time of these photos I had been over there a hand full of visits and was excitedly optimistic about everything. Things were going pretty good in skateboarding for me at the time and it look ed as if I would have a board out with Rusczyk on it at the end of the year.

The nature of the trip was filming, going to contests, and parting, all of which we can be fun in moderation. The problem was I as usual get overly excited and do not slow down. The result was blowing my knee (ACL) in Berlin trying to switch ollie a over rail to drop.

The next two weeks I spent blowing off everything and hobbling around Europe on a fucked up leg. My only concern was shooting photos and seeing sights. In retrospect that was the best trip ever, solo wandering, drinking, and trying to not get too bummed on my knee.

The results of a busted knee delayed my turning into a pro skateboarder by five years. If it were not for this blow out I would probably be trying to milk it right now broke and sketched about money coming in. It's funny how life will through a wrench into the works and in the end you realize it was for the better.

- Mike


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